I'm one of the lucky ones

A letter I wrote to myself in the car. (In my head of course. I'm a safe driver.)

Do you understand just how lucky you are?

You’ve prayed for this moment. Driving in your car, low on gas, freaking out about being late to plans you’ve made with a neighbor, and later still to plans you have after that. In the past you’ve asked a God (that you don’t believe in) to give you a life in which a bad test grade would feel like the end of the world, and an annoying friend would make you rant to your mom for an hour over sandwiches at Panera.

Do you understand exactly how lucky you are?

That being left on read makes you cringe, that you care about the weight you’ve gained, that you get frustrated in the morning because your hair won’t listen to the straightener you’re running through it.

Can you wrap your head around how wonderful it is? That these are the things that fill your head. Because every time your parents fight with you over coming home late, you are lucky. And all the moments that make you freak out about your future are privileged. It is an incredible thing that your current worries are no longer life or death and that you have the time to wonder about money and a career and if your 8:00am class is REALLY worth waking up for this morning. Do you remember how deeply you wished to have these types of worries? And do you understand how amazing it is that you have them?

Normal is harder than expected. And it is also more wonderful.


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